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The Bookstore

Apr 30, 2024

Perhaps our most referential episode, ever.

The book: The Employees by Olga Ravn

The art it was created to accompany: Consumed Future Spewed Up as Present by Lea Guldditte Hestlund

Books (many are also Movies/TV shows) Mentioned:
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick (movie is titled Bladerunner)

Apr 16, 2024

April's prompt is to read a book of ecofiction, and Becca's pick is Latitudes of Longing by Shubhangi Swarup. 

Content warning: miscarriage, death in childbirth, sexual topics

Our next book will be The Employees by Olga Ravn, as chosen by our Patreon Patrons. Find it at your local library or bookstore and read along...

Apr 5, 2024

It's a book by a translator that's a book by a translator that's translated by a translator about translators translating a book and we loved it. There are also some major time spoilers, but we give good warnings this time.

The Extinction of Ireana Rey by Jennifer Croft

Next time we are reading Latitudes of Longing...