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The Bookstore

Jan 28, 2020

We discuss how we feel about movie adaptations of books, and Becca quizzes Corinne on some Oscar winners. 

But before that, we recommend some articles of interest regarding American Dirt:

Myriam Gurba 

David Bowles

David Schmidt


Jan 21, 2020

We discuss and review Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and... well, we can't like them all.

Next time we will be reading False Bingo: Stories by Jac Jemc. You can find it at your local bookstore or library and read along with us.

Jan 14, 2020

We attempt a timeline of the events that have been shaking up Romancelandia, and rhapsodize about the genius of Greta Gerwig and her version of Little Women.


(and lots of time spent refreshing...

Jan 7, 2020

Catch us drinking framboise and pousse-cafes and calling each other "toothsome dishes." Just kidding, we did none of those while discussing Judith Krantz's debut novel Scruples, but the novel does make those sound fun. There's some silliness and some wildly offensiveness on display here, and we try to discuss as much as...