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The Bookstore

Jun 11, 2019

There will be discussion of stuff that is not appropriate for children. And there will be brief mentions of eating disorders, just in case that's not for you.

We just can't turn down a scandal. This week what to do when you didn't fact check your book about Victorian history and how not to respond to a gracious yet negative review of your book. Also Corinne says a lot of things she never expected to say on the podcast.

Next week we will be reading and discussing Sula by Toni Morrison. You should absolutely buy it and read it along with us.

Naomi Wolf's Career of Blunders Continues in 'Outrages' - The New York Times Book Review

Naomi Wolf Got Her Facts Wrong. Really, Really, Really Wrong - Science of Eds

This is NOT a Review of Hell's Shadows by Dean Klein - Sci-Fi and Scary